Do you think that any of the artists that DNP will return?


So out of curiosity, what exactly does the DNP thing do? I know it means Do Not Post but does this just prevent others from uploading art so that only you the artist can? In all this chat I realised I forgot to ask what it actually meant or did.

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So afaik, the DNP can take many different forms. The first, and most used, is as you said. Only the artist can post their work (sometimes with specific instructions that let others post as long as they follow them).

Another that some people on both sides if I’ve been keeping up with this, is to not allow posts except from the artist, and to delete all current works on the site. This is because they don’t want their art or works showcased on a site that is against their beliefs (wether that be for “anti-censorship” or “anti-nazi”)

There are a multitude of other different kinds of DNP, but those are the most prevalent through this whole mess that I’ve seen. Hope that helps

So basically DNP is.
"I am the maker and I shall post the art I want to share, this protects me and my art from theft."
Addendum : But your allowed to make edits as long as in credited.

So all that is being removed is the art not directly posted by the artist then? Aside from specifications?
I have always wondered this but.. why not just have an 'Artist approval button?" Where when someone posts an artists art, they then get an alert and need to Approve the posting?
I hope this is not going off topic… im just thinking DNP should be explained for those of us that are a bit derpy and dunno why faves are vanishing.

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It’s also a way to keep your art from being associated with something you don’t want it to be which is why favorites are disappearing. Those artists have asked for a full removal, well beyond protecting from theft since most of them are well credited or posted by said author with some probably just deleting the posts themselves and then submitting a DNP request, which has to be administered by the now DNP backlogged admins/mods.

I kinda agree that this is getting off topic, but it’s DNP explanation/questions in a DNP thread so it’s probably fine.

Ok that makes sense cause id thought id seen Do Not Post Lists around long before this whole thing became an issue, like a few of my fave artists have had that up for ages.
Edits, Crops…

So I was getting a bit confused since artists had already had it up but now suddenly its being talked about.

Thanks for the clarifications once again..
I wish I could upvote posts nya
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I hope this is not too late to post, but I also think familiarity and name recognition also has a factor. While it has its problems Derpi is a well known name in the fandom particularly in regards to fandom art work. There is a possibility that, to get more views and work, many of those artists may end up coming back if the other art sites dont work out.
I remember similar things happening with Deviantart, Furaffinity, and even e621 with rule changes making many artists leave, only to come back since so many of their fan base was from one place or another. Derpi has some issues right now yeah, but once things calm down many of them will probably be back in the future.
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That familiarity and name recognition is now tied to "nazi-lover" and "freedom-hater" as well, regardless of the accuracy of those labels, due to the policy changes made during the last six weeks. The thing that caused those problems, the staff, hasn't changed in any beneficial way to do away with either of those two extreme descriptions, and have for the most part made things even worse. There's really no reason to believe that artists who left on principle would return when nothing has changed for the better.
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Doubt it. Everyone is just so damn stubborn, self-righteous, and uncompromising these days. This whole drama started because one guy couldn't be bothered to use the filter and just hide all the nazi images, and the fact that several others have left without doing the same and moving on with life speaks volume on the dangers of having an over inflated ego override logic. I'd rather political/mouthpiece images not be on this site at all, but I'm not going to raise hell over it so long as I can easily hide them out of site forever.
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You're skipping the part where hundreds of people were so triggered by BLM that they started attacking artists by downvote bombing their art, or editing their work against their wishes or to misrepresent them. The whole "filter shit that triggers you" started right there, not where you are claiming it started. The nazi shit came later.
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If you really want to split hairs, then all this started because of the artists using ponies as mouthpieces for the BLM/ACAB movement in the first place and claiming people not in support of it were a bunch of racist fascist bastards.
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I mean as far as i know those pictures were just downvoted. If downvoting is such an issue they would (or rather should) have removed it long ago.

And who can blame then, i remember seeing a post and the quality on most of them was ass anyways, but also… you might think that people get that movement pushed in their face everywhere, so its understandable if it comes here that people are like: "the one place where i didn't want to think about it" downvote
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Way to support the "don't filter shit that triggers you" crowd. If someone's triggered by something, they should fucking filter it. If you support free speech, then their speech is free, too.
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Eh, this isn't exactly 100% true, and now that things have somewhat stabilized, I'm comfortable with bringing it up again as an addendum to the policy discussion. Every single global filter except "Everything" hides images that are at or below -50.
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