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Derpibooru Alternatives

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It’s clear that by the way they treated Raptorshy that artists and those who generally value freedom of expression are not welcome. They hate you, even. TSP has expressed interest in “ruling with an iron fist”, so nows the time to seek alternatives to Derpibooru.
Known Alternatives come in three flavors, so explore and take your pick. Ponybooru is my personal favorite.
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stop using Derpi lmao
Ponybooru currently has all mods anonymous in a trial state with an audit log. Working on getting Zizzy to NOT do that.  
Rainbooru has a public banlist and a canary for gag orders and such. Ask in Altbooru thread for details on administration when Raindev is around.  
Ponerpics has like four autists who generally work on /mlpol/ and are well-known (and would be called out on their fuckery if it ever happened). Like, what happened here tiers of bad if it got to this point, with comparatively fewer people causing significantly more damage.
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Imagine being this upset over people not wanting nazi stuff being posted
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Ponybooru is my personal favorite.
Seems like Ponybooru has very unfair policies when it comes to DNP, not allowing creators to restrict they art indefinitely:
I bet artists will love them…
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Rainbooru is completely laissez-faire and is basically just an image-dump for anything pony-related though it does this extremely well. Ponybooru has more of the Derpibooru system with many of the same rules (obviously with some changes). Ponerpics is a compromise which will allow anything legal and pony-related while maintaining/upgrading the functionality of Philomena (forums are planned in the near future). Also as the developers of Ponerpics have already built up an imageboard they’re both experienced with servers and have established a reputation of being very pro-free speech. I’d say Ponerpics is the best bet though I hope all of them do well.
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Are any of them hosted in jurisdictions that say “fuck you” to DMCA takedowns?
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rainbooru and ponybooru are best and future flutherbooru dont recommend furbooru is copy paste of this site
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