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The tag "artist:dandychamp" doesn't exist on this site, so ... that's already gone. Maybe it disappeared during the migration to Philomena.

Deleting your existing artist list is kind of a problem, since the artist badge shows that you are an artist with a publicly visible artist link. If I delete the link, then your artist tag is "unverified" and you are no longer an artist ...

which means that we no longer have a link verifying your copyright to your own art. It's ... administrative technical BS, I know, but it's how this site reserves your right as an artist, so at the very least I have to at least preserve the link as a "Hidden Link" because that shows that at some time SOMEONE verified your copyright. But, doing so means that you're no longer a publicly verified artist, so ... your art would no longer be linked to your profile.
Would it be ok if I c
hanged your artist tag changed to match your current profile name (artist:slimyferret)?

And, would you be ok with your artist tag being "[just your art here on this site?":](/tags/artist-colon-teapyramid) ?
If so, I can do that. Then you'd still be a "Verified Artist" profile, and you would still be linked to your art, and your copyright would be reserved both via the hidden user link (only visible to you and senior staff) and via your art gallery here.
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