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There are 1451 DNPs right now. 991 is the first marked 2 months ago. So about 32% of all DNPs happened in the past two months.
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Buddhist Principle Number 1—Impermanence. Everything decays and eventually dies. Sticking with the old means the old dies of a heart attack, and you’re left alone. Eventually. That’s how it’s always is.
Buddhist Principle Number 2—Suffering. Life is suffering. Good memories inevitably devolve into painful reminders of that which is lost or changed forever. Hope is the first step in the road to disappointment.
Buddhist Principle Number 3—No such thing as the “Self”. Nothing is divided; everything is together. From the moment someone stabbed you in the back, that knife and the injury and evil intent has become perpetually engraved in your body, and your sense of Self. The Individual that is you, is nothing more than the end-result of the lives lived around you and situations outside of your control.
The previous 3 principles is what they call “The Cycle of Suffering” attached to the past, and hurt yourself in trying to preserve what cannot (and perhaps should not) be preserved, intrinsically. The only way to exit this Cycle of Suffering is via:
Buddhist Principle Number 4—Emptiness equals Peace. The only way to avoid suffering, is to empty your mind of attachment and accept that everything you love will eventually decay, and die. And the only way to regain your peace is to let go, and free your mind from desire or attachment. This is what true peace means.
This is going to sound crazy, but…
Giving up is usually the best course of action in the face of adversity. Because adversity engenders MORE and STRONGER adversity as a reaction. It is a never-ending cycle in which long-past glories transform into present sufferings. The best way to win, always, is to not play at all.
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Well. This entire thing wouldn’t have got as bad as it did, if it wasn’t for the brigading. That’s for sure.
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I would at least like a better explanation for everything, or at least a face-to-face encounter with those reporting the pictures.
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It’s not worth getting the death-threats over it (I suppose). [Those That Report] must have mastered the art of Detachment. They actively avoid the Cycle of Suffering, and do what they gotta do to advance their goal. There really is no point to argumentation when you’re really only just exposing yourself to abuse and stress. They know this.
And really. They know they won’t be changing any minds, any way.
Which is strange, because there shouldn’t be anything TOO controversial in removing Brigading-Invasion Content. I suppose the real bad part is that they removed innocent art as well. But that’s the strength in the message—broad-reaching and final. The mods pulled the nuclear-button to deliver an absolute warning upon our woe-begone’d brigadiers, to stop. And so-far succeeded.
Our forlorn brigadiers now know that Derpibooru is a pozzed safe-space, and ceased activities. Best-case scenario, the mods will relax the rules once the brigadiers have disbanded in their completeness. It’s just a matter of waiting.
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