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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Peace to all
I think a civil discussion on this topic is possible and I'd like to purpose the principles that we could organize around.

I believe that a framework needs to be made on the general defense of the fandom's culture and heritage. Though what we are worried about is the formation of a far left framework/ideology taking over and destorying what we know and love; this cannot be countered by a right wing framework as theire are a lot of people on all sides who oppose this. Something that I have seen in the past is that when splinters or purges happen on other sites a lot of good meaning people get turned off by the anti censorship crowd going pretty far right wing. This is not to say that I oppose right wing presence or ideas [spoiler]I'm actually pretty right leaning myself[/spoiler] but our fandom cultural character would be best defended by what the fandom _is_ . One thing that I have noticed is that there are a lot of people who don't fully fit into the political spectrum here and people who are disenfranchised with everything. This is for them too. It also is for the plenty of left leaners who wouldn't go along with censorship either. Another thing for example: The right, especially the further right, often forgets that we shipped lesbian horses and a lot of LGBT people used this fandom since the very beginning as a shelter and a positive space. The left forgets that 4chan was the birth place of our fandom and that our fandom was and still is pretty edgy and shitpostery, especially by modern social media standards and both forget all of this often _coexists_ and mixes.

TDLR: The fandom culture can't exist in a right wing or left wing framework, so we need to define our defense on the defense of the heart of the fandom itself and embrace mix of influences.
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