Clarification on Derpibooru's policies regarding traced images


Sunset is Best Girl
Not necessarily regarding tracing, but does Derpibooru have any policy against the somewhat severe editing of a dead artists work?
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Same as for any other artist: Don't make it into something they'd probably hate, at least not without rendering it rather unrecognizable as originally coming from them.

Sunset is Best Girl
@The Smiling Pony

Yes, but also a specific uploader. Generally this isn’t a bother and I assume everything is on the up and up.

But when I saw this post,
I realized that the uploader was taking different pieces of art from different artists and editing them in the same manner.

Again I don’t think it’s a large issue but I did some looking before coming here and that’s when I noticed that the artist of this image had been missing from the internet for over a year.

Since ideas of diversity and inclusion are these days more heavily tied to politics I don’t know if it’s right to take these pieces of artwork without asking the artist if they’re comfortable with somebody editing them in this manner.

Sunset is Best Girl
@Derpy Whooves

The reason I didn’t report in the first place was because I wasn’t sure if this was a policy that Derp had. If it’s not a policy that the site has then I can’t report it right?
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If you don't know what rule to use, just use "Other" and explain the problem that you see in the text field, but in general what you're talking about is Rule #1 — If you report an image for Rule #1 and we disagree we'll reply to you and talk with you about why we ruled the way we did. Your question has nothing to do with tracing — please PM me if you still have questions, and please report the image that you think is a problem.
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