Blocking an Inappropriate User

Poll results: Personal Opinion

Yes, there should be a block or ignore list
72.73% 40 votes
No, simply alert the administrations if this happens
27.27% 15 votes

Poll ended with 55 votes.

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How do you block someone who you find goes off on unrelated tangents from both your private messages (inbox) and comments?

I'm specifically being targeted by a user known as Beltar who has had a history of trying to start crass conversations that eventually derail from the current topic and lead into their own off topic opinions such as "Starlight Glimmer being a terrible character" despite nothing being related to that at all.

I believe there needs to be a system to hide users in the same fashion one can filter out images. I know I am not the only one with this issue, correct? That is why the Duck Badge was invented, yet it truly needs to come back in use for some individuals, including the one harassing me.

In short; I recommend a blocking system.

Either way, thank you for your time and have a nice day.
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Would the block system simply serve to hide private message threads, comments and posts from the offending user? If so I'm in agreement.
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Just my personal take — if there was such a feature, that's speculative.

For now, please report people if they are tangenting to unrelated topics or harassing you. If someone is doing this to you, there's a really good chance you're not alone, and we'd rather talk directly to the person causing the problem to see if there is a way that they can be a better friend (or at least tolerant) to everyone else on the site than have each person on the site who they interact with having to deal with it.

In any case, having staff deal with someone who is stalking or harassing someone else can help save the artist from having to deal with it.

@Background Pony #FF1A
That seems like a useful feature. For images we already have that with filtering the uploader (where know) and with PMs you can do that PM by PM (although you can't exclude everything from a single person). Perhaps a "Hide this profile" on the profile itself which blocked all uploads, comments, posts, and PMs from that person would help. Although I have no idea what that would mean from an implementation standpoint. Seems like it could add a lot of processing on load.
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One issue with this is not being able to block people who comment anonymously. Honestly, the only user I would consider blocking would be the one who kept leaving comments of one to three words on screenshots from the clip show episodes (example) and a few other images. I'm not sure if that person is still doing that at all, but they were doing it anonymously, so I wouldn't be able to block them.
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I understand as I've been unfairly blocked from people's DeviantArt pages many times.

One time a guy blocked me, and began talking schmitz behind my back on DA, and because I was "blocked" I couldn't defend myself from him trying to spread false information that I was a "troll," because I couldn't access his DA page, nor even respond to his comments outside of it. I reported it to DA admins, (with links to his comments) they just told me to block him back, which would've helped nothing. Oy vey…

Most recently, a Sonic fan whom was posting false information about Sega, & Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn, and insisting the SonAmy 'ship was "canon," and such. Apparently, anyone disagreeing is a "block" offense as far as they're concerned.
You'd be surprised how many times I was blocked just for disagreeing politely.
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Is it possible to block a specific uploader so you can't see what they post? I want to block one guy, not every artists work they upload. Sorry for the necro
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