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Ask the Mods Important Site Questions (V2)

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Hello, and sorry if i am interrupting something or annoying someone but…
¿Is there any way to upload images in comments (Like this one im writing right now) that are on my PC? ¿Do i have to use an external device in order to get a URL and punch it on the image box? If so. ¿Which ones do yoi recommend me?
Frightfully sorry for asking this here, im not quite sure if this its even important, but still. Thanks for reading, have a nice day full o’ arepas!
(PD: Sorry for the grammatical horrors you saw, im Venezuelan and i’m writing on a phone, not the best combination)
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Should the Rule #5 (AKA “Forbidden content”) be updated to include IRL gore/death pics as part of the stuff forbidden?
I know images uploaded of IRL gore get taken down pretty quick, but this would help more when it comes to people posting that sort of stuff in threads.
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Has my 3-day ban expired yet?
(Note: I honestly don’t know where else to ask this on here, so if you know, please direct me to the proper form to do so.)
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is thrre any problem or rule breaking in massive tag posting?just asking because i saw a picture recently and the guy went fucking nuts in there.
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I’ve sent reports to remove my comments on certain content…can you guys just do that so I don’t have to send a report over and over?

I want to upload an artwork that I commissioned from an artist, but the artwork also contains a little of another existing artwork from another artist on it (like it’s featured in a picture frame on the artwork) I talked about it with her whether it’s alright to share with the rules, and she said that although she’s not sure about the rules either, she said it’s alright if I upload it while also crediting the original artist as long as it is not commercially used. Is this alright on here? Or do I also need to get permission from the artist whose work was referenced?
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I feel like there’s a mysterious user in here who would downvote all “ponified” images, sometimes “crossover”, that is likely violates rule #4, can someone investigate if it is true?
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@Respectful Batpone  
No. As long as it’s insincere, and only meant as a joke or to be edgy, then they deserve to stay up.
This applies to practically ALL Nazi pics that existed on this website just right before the time that the unnecessary and unwarranted site-wide drama and policy changes of June/July 2020 took place. We do not need a repeat of those events—neither this year, nor at all—from here on out, period.
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@Background Pony #E5FF  
Plausible deniability under the guise of ironic edginess and humour is a well-known strategy of neo Nazis and their allies.
And Poe’s law applies profoundly to even attempting to police what is sincere or not when it comes to extremist views.
@Background Pony #0A5A  
There is a “report this user” link on everyone’s user page, use that if you have suspicions of systematic rule violations.
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