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I refuse to bend
Certainly allows certain members of this community license to do whatever that they want. "Duck" badge, in my experience reading comments and threads here has always meant "this person won't be banned, we like them too much for that." but hey, if you'd care to explain how TexasUberAlles hasn't been moonbanned for discrimination and incitement multiple times already, I'll take an explanation. I've seen that guy literally use the words "Subhuman" and "Troglodyte" to refer to people who he has even minor disagreements with on this site *regularly*.

For reference, I'm not for banning many people, especially not for speaking their mind, but seeing as I've been threatened with being banned for refusing to shut up about inconsistent deletions and this guy gets away with murder, I do have a problem with pretending that all posters are created equal in this regard.
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