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Are images of her are being removed now? There are still currently thousands of them. Is it just the new ones or something?
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I am not a mod.
Due to the amount of work involved, mods have stated rule changes like this will be a 'going forward' approach and only effect new uploads.
Whether all images of her are being banned nobody knows, welcome to the Chaos, pick one of the three threads on the issue and the tail end of the locked "Ask mods questions" and read up.
Or just wait for an official response on the matter, site staff are apparently working on that but it's taking a while.
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Not a mod, but my read is they have pretty much no idea what what the policy is, since it was deliberately worded to be vague. Different mods are doing different things, images are coming down, going back up and coming down again.
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Supposed to only be the new ones (except for the pics that specifically bash her/nazism), however, the trust in staff's "we will only remove new pictures, the old ones are grandfathered in and we'll also ban people trying to bait us into deleting old pics by reuploading them" is severely undermined by them going back on their previous promises that Aryanne won't be banned and pics of her forbidden.

leftist hypocrites infect and ruin another community that wasn't hurting anybody. man i've heard this story so many times now. derpibooru has taken the same kind of policy that reddit took this monday, where you can openly and boastfully discriminate against one specific ideology but you cannot mock, make fun, or poke holes in another ideology which is far worse than the one that you can openly discriminate about.

save all the images ASAP and make a new site, they will be coming down eventually..
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a few years ago I expressed concern in the competence of the staff at running the site. I'm irked that I was proven correct.
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