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Hi. I'm fixing my automation script that checks daily for a certain tag and makes sure my archives have the last 50 of the images from that tag for backup and storage purposes. I was unaware that the API changed a while back, and I just got around to fixing it, but even though I've checked in the browser and Postman that my URL is correct, the moment I put it into my NodeJS script, it triggers a reCAPTCHA request that I have no idea how to answer since it's being run in the terminal. Any idea why reCAPTCHA is triggering for an API call? I think it might have to do with my script failing to run and being redirected to the homepage for probably a month or two, but it was only ran daily so… I'm unsure if that was what caused the issue.

Any help you can supply would be much appreciated.
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Is the captcha coming from Cloudflare or Derpibooru?

If it's from Cloudfare, there is nothing much you can do. It can be triggered by your IP address being flagged as spam or other reasons. You can try running the bot from another internet connection, setting a different (unique) useragent for your requests or using a VPN if you aren't already.

Captchas from Derpibooru directly don't use reCAPTCHA, so I don't think you're seeing those. I have a bot running which makes way more than one request per day, and I never had any issues with captchas. One run per day shouldn't trigger any anti-spam measures on its own.
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