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lol and people trust the mainstream media after all the fake news and shit?
Background Pony #912C
by getting more articles because the press seems to be quite bored during the summer. They have to justify their salaries by doing what they call "journalism"
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I'll just say it flat out.
News articles shouldn't matter to the mods.
Twitter posts shouldn't matter to the mods.
Podcasts shouldn't.
YouTube videos shouldnt.

None of those pay for server costs, the community that uses this site does.
People that have faith in the moderators that listen to them do.

Offsite public perception means a lot less than they seem to believe.
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@Background Pony #6E5F
I'm in total agreement. This shit needs to completely go out the window in terms of priority and concern, they can badmouth this place all they want but they have no goddamn stakes in it whatsoever. The only purpose is to enhance their own economic position by gathering traffic to the story, gettin clicks like every other "journalist" of their ilk and most journalists period to be frank. Nothing has changed, other than some loudmouth publishing a piece that we can all very well ignore with no repercussions.
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They did write the picture is from Know Your Meme. The other two are credited to a twitter user.
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Yeah, just read that shit. Reddit tier article. I hope the jannies are happy with all the respect they gathered by bending over, look how the woke respect all the effort and sacrifices the jannies did.
Background Pony #3929

I knew it!

It all will end up with banning the "bestiality" on this site… which is A LOT of pony arts…
Background Pony #E935
You did not even check the article did you? Hint hint, you can use google translate.
They correctly described what the site contains, how mplol came to be (and how that accelerated the radicalization), how the nazi people are a super small minority and basically negligible part of the community.
But yes, you draw a conclusion because the image are from Know Your Meme. You do not even know a single thing about copyright too. You know that they cant just go and rip an image off some random site to be used right
The current problem is caused by people like you. Loud and dumb.

To everyone else:
Its actually a good article describing how such "problem" exists if you go deep enough into the corners on the internet, and how its a loud minority. They did not explicitly say this problem only exists on derpi. They also mention how Zecora is used as the nword equivalent.
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While not everything is wrong in the article, i am surprised that the person writing it mentions Filters, but didn't bother to switch to Everything:
1.6m+ images → default filter
330k nudity tag images → didn't even mentioned the explicit filter

I imagine that "reporter's" mind would be blown if he had bothered to switch on the Everything filter.
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Expanding on why it's reddit tier:
Click bait

>While one might think that it is no better to target a production to little girls in the princess era,
Muh gender roles

>typically young or middle-aged white men.
Race bating

>There are also some women among them who are called pegasisters, but they make up the minority
Pulling numbers out of his ass

>The Brony subculture came to life in the early 2010s
Extremely vague time period, """journalist""" just googled once

>A significant portion of the bronchi live their hobby by posting fan drawings on the Derpibooru image-sharing site.
Pulling more numbers out of his ass, how many? Do you have any estimation at all? Of course not, zero research

>most of the drawings have nothing interesting, they carry the same direction as the cartoon itself.
If by nothing interesting you mean nothing I can cry about, because there is a lot of classics here

>But many of them are quite aggressive, racist, and typically advertise white superiority
How many? Are you taking numbers out of your ass? Of course you are. Also muh white supremacy buzz word.

>(although they have been trying to hide these in recent days as sensitivity to racism has increased).
literally (((They))) posting in a supposed to be objective article

>Because of this, the world of my little pony self has to some extent become an important element of the far-right meme universe
Downright lying

>and is strongly opposed to censorship because they want to protect far-right content, but
lying and pretending

>In any case, it is clear that extremism also has a place in the community
Lying, jannies been banning extreme content since ever

>the main catalyst for the process was when 4chan was notorious for its key role in the alt-right rise.

>but even in the most pious corners of the Brony fandom, it seems contradictory for someone to simultaneously support the BLM movement and the pony named Aryanne ,
Pretending that BLM gets default support from everyone

>Incidentally, there is nothing new about extremists taking control of forums in stratified interest communities.
Very true, but it's never the Nazis whom take control, ban everypony and burn the site to the ground are they?
Background Pony #E935
Do you understand why a mainstream media site wont make an article and tutorial to how to access child porn and bestiality right?
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