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> It is easy to remove them, and V5 should make them less likely to occur to begin with, but there’s no intrinsic reason to remove them unless you’re going to enforce an arbitrary ban on them.
Yes, it is easy, and we want people to take that super easy extra step and clean up the image before uploading.

Overfit models and people using LoRAs (I assume) trained on specific artists will definitely get signatures resembling the artist's using txt2img. txt2img also regularly produces easily recognizable Patreon logos. While *exact* signature matches using popular models would be a rarity, there are definitely occurrences of results that look recognizable as a specific artist's signature due to "font" similarity.


UThe "signature" rule isn't about that; the chances of getting a random "ghost signature" to come out looking exactly, like an existing artist's signature using a well trained / public model are very slim.

This is about how it's
*exceedingly easy* to remove artifacts like these, through AI or photoshop or whatever. Leaving them detracts from the image and has it stand out as "direct AI prompt generation with no care put into it" as much as butterfingers, wonky eyes, floating tails, or other weirdness.

If someone takes ~20 minutes cooking up the perfect prompt and settings to get a good image, they can take an additional minute to clean up the most blatant artifacts. Or reroll.
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