>>2551235 was removed without my knowledge

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Someone removed >>2551235 because it didn't appear to be pony related, when in reality it's related to >>2551233, since I vectored it from there.

I don't know who reported it, but when I checked my recent artwork gallery, it was gone. :(

How did this get removed with me knowing? I worked really hard on that vector and if anyone wanted to vector their pony with this gun, now they don't have the resource anymore.

This isn't a big complaint, I'm just disappointed and I don't want to reupload since it will be marked as a duplicate. :(
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If i can hep, the reason why the image is gone, is becuase even though the image was a vector of the gun from the other image yu inked, the gun by itself has n direct connections to MLP or the fandom, hence why it got deleted.

So uploading an image f a pony holding a gun, that's fine, but uploading the gun itself is not fine, since that has no direct connections to MLP.

I hope that this helps clear things up on why yur image was deleted Again sorry for that
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