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This weeks Being The Elite Episode "The Band Is Back Together" was very Enjoyable!

The Opening Part with Young Bucks & Good Brothers was pretty Good(that Betrayal Line towards Tama Tonga XD), the Kris Statlander/Griff Garrison Segment was Cute, the Dark Order Segments of course were Great again, the Scene with Omega, Bucks & Good Brothers was Good, the Brandon Cutler & Luchasaurus Segment was Fine, the Matt Hardy Segments(with Private Party, Brandon Cutler & Young Bucks) were Good, the Ortiz/Dasha/Limelight/Abrahantes/Roberts Segment was Fine, the Vickie/Nyla Segment was Fine, the BTE Title Number One Contender Segment was pretty Enjoyable(I can't wait for Silver vs Reynolds next week yeah!) & the End Part with the Bucks was Fine! :D

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Road to New Years Smash Night 2 was very Nice, the Hype Package for Darby Allin vs Brian Cage was very Good, the Hype Package for Serena Deeb vs Tay Conti was pretty Fine & the One for PAC vs Eddie Kingston was absolutely Fantastic, gets you excited & pumped up for Wednesday Night for sure yeah! :D

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AEW Unrestricted with Tony Schiavone was a Great Listen! :)

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AEW Dark was pretty Enjoyable this week, Dark Order got Fine Wins, Bear Country winning their First Match is a Fine Thing, "Pretty" Peter Avalon is very Entertaining & the Commentary was of course Great like usual heh! :D

#AEWDark #AllEliteWrestling

This weeks Sammy Guevara Vlog Episode "2021 is SCARY!" was pretty Good, the "Trashbag Monster" Segment was really Nice XD :)

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AEW New Years Smash Night 2 tonight, should be a pretty Good Show overall!

PAC vs Eddie Kingston should be pretty Fine, Miro vs Chuck Taylor should be Solid, The Waiting Room with Cody Rhodes should be Good, The Elite having a Six Man Tag Team Match should be just Too Sweet, The Inner Circle's New Years Resolution Segment should be Enjoyable, Serena Deeb vs Tay Conti should be pretty Fine & Darby Allin vs Brian Cage should be very Good, I can't wait yay! :D

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AEW New Years Smash Night 2 was a Good Show overall!

PAC vs Eddie Kingston was a pretty Fine for what it was, Miro vs Chuck Taylor was Okay, the Backstage Segment with Matt Hardy & Private Party was Fine, the Inner Circle New Years Resolution Segment was very Enjoyable, the Backstage Segment with Dark Order & "Hangman" Adam Page was Good, Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs Varsity Blondes & Danny Limelight was a enjoyable Six Man Tag Team Match, the Brawl Part after with Omega, Anderson/Gallows, Moxley, Lucha Bros & Young Bucks was Fine Stuff(definetly looking forward to Hard to Kill on Saturday heh!), the Waiting Room Segment was Solid, FTR vs Jurassic Express was Fine, Serena Deeb vs Tay Conti was pretty Enjoyable for what it was & Darby Allin vs Brian Cage was a Great Main Event! :D

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Chris van Vliets Interview with Don Callis was pretty Good! :)

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Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers(Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) vs Rich Swann & MCMG tonight on the Hard to Kill PPV, should be a pretty enjoyable Six Man Tag Team Match! :)

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Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs Rich Swann, Moose & Chris Sabin was a pretty Enjoyable Six Man Tag Team Match on last nights Hard To Kill Show!

Seeing Omega & Anderson/Gallows wear Bullet Club Merch was definetly Interesting to say the Least…

Is a Partnership/Working Relationship incoming?! :D

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Botchamania 426 was very Enjoyable, Taz singing to Tarzan Boy(Jungle Boy's Theme) & the Amazingly Entertaining Words on AEW Dark between him & Excalibur of course had to be included, the Botchamania Ending with the Bullet Club/Too Sweet Copyright was Funny & the Hercules Thunder one was Fine! :D

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This weeks Being The Elite Episode "Duped" was pretty Enjoyable!

The Segment with Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers was Good(I'm looking very much forward of where this Story is going!), the Dark Order Segment was Great(it's clear something with "Hangman" Adam Page is happening on Dynamite this week yay!), the Kris Statlander & Brian Pillman Jr Segments were Fine, the Cutler/Allie Part was Fine, the "Pretty" Peter Avalon & Leva Bates Segment was just Too Sweet, the Luchasaurus & Brandon Cutler Segment was Good(how dare you Cutler to call Luchasaurus a Fossil!? Oh Dinosaur vs Dragon is happening on tomorrows Dark Episode), the Sabian/Leva Segment was Okay, the Private Party & Matt Hardy Segment was Fine, the Bottle Cap into Cup Throwing Challenge between John Silver & Alex Reynolds was Nice(Silver is still BTE Champ boom, Pizza Boi!) & the Segment with Young Bucks & Matt Hardy was Good! :D

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AEW Unrestricted with Serena Deeb was a Good Listen! :)

#AEWUnrestricted #AEWonTNT #SerenaDeeb

Wrestling With The Week Episode 1 Podcast with Scorpio Sky & Rooster Teeth's James Williams was a pretty Fine Listen! :)

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AEW Dark was pretty Good this Week, Commentary(Excalibur/Taz/Starks) was Nice, Sammy Guevara got another Win & Luchasaurus vs Brandon Cutler was Fine! :D

#AEWDark #AllEliteWrestling

This weeks Sammy Guevara Vlog Episode "JOBBER" was very Enjoyable, the -1 Segments were very Good & the End Segment with Sammy mocking T-Bag & Pam saying Savage Words towards it was Amazing! :)

#SpanishGod #AEW

Seeing Private Party & Matt Hardy on iMPACT was pretty Fine Stuff & that Tony Khan with Jerry Lynn made a Appearence on the Show was very Good! :)

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AEW Dynamite tonight, should be a Good Show overall!

Cody Rhodes vs "Pretty" Peter Avalon should be pretty Solid, Private Party & Matt Hardy vs Matt Sydal & Top Flight should be a Good Six Man Tag Team Match, Jon Moxley being in Action should be Fine, Santana/Ortiz vs Guevara/Hager vs Jericho/MJF should be a Good Three Way Tag Team Match, & Dark Order(John Silver, Alex Reynolds & Colt Cabana) & "Hangman" Adam Page vs TH2 & Chaos Project should be a very enjoyable 8 Man Tag Team Match, can't wait heh! :D

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AEW Dynamite was Solid/Fine this week, out of the 68 Episodes so far one of the Weaker/Filler Shows, but still Good to sit through & million times better than the recent Years of Monday Night Bore/Snore Shows haha!

The Opening Segment with celabrating Negative One's Birthday was Good, the "Hangman" Adam Page & Dark Order vs TH2 & Chaos Project 8 Man Tag Match was pretty Enjoyable(that Combo Finish was Excellent by Hangman, Silver & Reynolds!), the Part after the Match with Page declining the Offer of joining Dark Order was Neat Stuff(it needs to be said again, "Hangman" Adam Page is the most Interesting Character & has arguably the Greatest Arc in Current Pro Wrestling now!) the Backstage Segments with Inner Circle were Good, the Darby Allin, Sting & Team Taz Segment was Fine(I guess that Street Fight will be a Cinematic Match), the Segment with Young Bucks & Don Callis in Kenny's House was pretty Fine(that painted Picture with Kenny & Don though XD), the Cody vs "Pretty" Peter Avalon Match with Cargill distracting was Okay(can understand why People say the Match should've been shorter), Jon Moxley vs Nick Comoroto was pretty Fine with Moxley's Promo after being pretty Good(that Bullet Club Mention though, KENTA wants that IWGP US Heavyweight Title Match for damn sakes XD), the Segment with Kenny Omega & Don Callis was Good, Private Party & Matt Hardy vs Matt Sydal & Top Flight was a Fine Six Man Tag Match(Heel Turn now official for Private Party, iMPACT the Day before already was teasing this happening), the Backstage Segment with Jurassic Express & FTR was Fine(Jungle Boy vs Dax Harwood could be a very Good Match next week, can't wait!), the Backstage Segment with Eddie Kingston, Lance Archer & Jake "The Snake" Roberts was Good, Penelope Ford vs Leyla Hirsch was a Fine Match(only the Finish was slightly Botched), the Segment after with Charles Taylor being forced to say that Miro is now his Best Friend was Okay(I know many People don't care about this Storyline, i can understand that, hopefully the Wedding Segment at Beach Break in two Weeks will have a Enjoyable Outcome) & the Main Event Three Way Tag Match between Sammy/Hagar, MJF/Jericho & Santana/Ortiz was Fine(Sammy Guevara was easily the MVP & Best Part of the Match, yeah it was definetly a Off Night for Jericho to say the least)! :)

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Bullet Club rules Tag Team Wrestling right now(Young Bucks being AEW Tag Team Champs, Good Brothers being iMPACT Tag Team Champs, G.O.D. being IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champs & ELP/Ishimori being IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Champs), that's just Too F#CKING Sweet haha! :D

#BulletClub #BC-4-Life #BizCliz #TooSweet #AEW #njpw #IMPACT

Pretty cool to see that the Final Fantasy VII Twitter Account shouted out "The Belt Collector" "The Cleaner" "The Best Bout Machine" "The God Among Insects" Kenny Omega yeah! :)

#OneWingedAngel #BestBoutMachine #TheCleaner #TheCollector #ChangeTheWorld
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This weeks Being The Elite Episode "Fender Bender" was pretty Enjoyable!

The Opening Segment with Young Bucks & The Good Brothers was Nice, the Part with Young Bucks, Good Brothers, Christopher Daniels & Brandon Cutler was Good, the Segment with Private Party, "Big Money" Matt Hardy & Young Bucks was Good, the Segment with Abrahantes, Santana, Ortiz, Sammy, Dasha & Schiavone was pretty Fine(Schiavone in the End XD), the Segments with Kris Statlander & Jungle Boy were Good, the Dark Order Segment was Nice(I wouldn't mind a Slumber Party either XD) & the BTE Number One Contender Hanging the longest on a Handle Pole Challenge with Sammy Guevara, Fuego, Ryan Nemeth, Luchasaurus & Shawn Dean was very Good(can't wait for John Silver vs Sammy Guevara on next weeks BTE, should be Great)! :D

#BeingTheElite #BTE #AllEliteWrestling
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