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I just listened to Anna Jay's New Theme "Queen Slayer" & Team FTW's Theme "Bring It On", very Good Stuff! :)

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A Shot of Brandi with Jim Ross was pretty Enjoyable! :)

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Botchamania 418 was pretty Fine, the Commentary on AEW is more Entertaining than the entire Main Roster Product of WWE itself XD Obviously the unfortunate SSP Spot of Matt Sydal was featured & the Coffin Meme by Dark Order was Excellent! The Austin/Rock Fall Guys Ending was Delightful too! :D

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This weeks Being The Elite Episode "A Very Slippery Rope" was very Good! The Opening Promo Class Segment with Eddie Kingston cutting a Promo on a Cookie was Nice(this Man talking on Inanimate Objects is more Entertaining than the Main Roster Product of WWE, it's True!), the Segments with Michael Nakazawa where he is being responsible for Matt Sydal screwing up/slipping of the Top Rope is Nice(Man these Guys turning a Botch into a Fun Storyline is just freaking Fantastic!), the Silver & Reynolds vs TH2 Dance Off Segment was pretty Fine Stuff(Wardlow really being groomed into something down the Line), the Christopher Daniels, "Hangman" Adam Page & Brandon Cutler Segment was pretty Good(the Story with Page continues being arguably the Best in Wrestling today), the Dark Order Bathroom Segment was just Fantastic, the Young Bucks & Matt Hardy Segment was Good & the End Segment with Cutler & that Man who was eating the Pies was quite Something! :D

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AEW Unrestricted with Eddie Kingston was a Great Listen, the Man is pure Gold! By the way, thank you Eddie's Mom, she pretty much was a Important Factor of why He is in AEW right now! :D

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This weeks Sammy Guevara Vlog Episode "SAMMY'S GONE!!" was pretty Good, the Creativity of these People is just Great heh! Seeing Leva Bates cosplaying as Aerith was quite Delightful by the way! :)

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AEW Dark was pretty Good overall this week, Cabana/Marshall was Fine, Cutler/Avalon was very Enjoyable(of course the Double Count-Out Finish happened XD Let's see what comes next between them) & the Dark Order vs Private Party & Gunn Club 8 Man Tag Match was Good! :D

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AEW Dynamite tonight, should be a pretty Good Show overall!

FTR vs Jurassic Express should be a Good Tag Team Match, MJF in Action should be as usual very Enjoyable, Jericho & Hager vs Private Party should be Fine, Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse should be a very Good NWA Womens Championship Match, "Hangman" Adam Page vs Frankie Kazarian should be Good & Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz in a Parking Lot Brawl should be Fun, can't wait yeah! :D

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AEW Dynamite was very damn Good this week, easily one of the Best Dynamite Shows in the Pandemic Era no f#cking Question!

FTR vs Jurassic Express was a very enjoyable Tag Team Opener(by the way seeing The Young Bucks superkicking a Referee always is entertaining to watch!),"Hangman" Adam Page vs Frankie Kazarian was pretty Good(the Story between Page & Omega continues being really Nice Stuff), the Backstage Segment with Matt Hardy being laid out was Fine(who attacked Him? Jericho would be too Obvious in my Book, could be quite Interesting…), Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs Private Party was Fine(it's good seeing Private Party in a Fine Spot), MJF's Promo was Great, Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse was a very enjoyable Match(can't wait for Shida & Rosa vs Ivelisse & Diamante next week!), the Archer, Roberts, Taz, Moxley, Starks, Cage & Hobbs Segment was Nice(cool that Will Hobbs gets some Spotlight on him, can't wait for Moxley/Allin/Hobbs vs Archer/Cage/Starks next week!) & the Parking Lot Brawl with Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz was just damn Awesome, that's how a Parking Lot Brawl exactly should be just Great Stuff, by the way I loved seeing Sue doing the Middle Finger at the End before the Show was off-air XD :D

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NJPW's G1 Climax 30 Tournament starts tonight, I can't wait! The A Block Days especially will be f#cking Fantastic & Delightful! :D

#njpw #G1CLIMAX30 #g130 #KingOfSports

I heard that the Parking Lot Brawl/Fight between Best Friends & Santana/Ortiz on AEW Dynamite got 5 Stars, not undeserved in my Opinion, it really was a damn Fun & Enjoyable Thing to watch this past Wednesday Night haha! :)

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G1 Climax 30 Day 1 was a Good Show overall, Tomohiro Ishii vs Minoru Suzuki was the Best Match of Day 1 in my Opinion(Kota Ibushi vs Kazuchika Okada was Second Best Match of the Night)! :D

#njpw #G1CLIMAX30 #KingOfSports
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G1 Climax 30 Day 2 was a Fine Show overall, MOTN was easily Naito/Tanahashi no question! :D

#njpw #G1CLIMAX30 #KingOfSports


Can I ask if you know that Vader had a Match against Ospreay a few Years ago? :o
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