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Don'think ighly o'Sicily
Since this thread was necro'd I guess I'll do an update:

Reading a book rn in the present status of Burma/Myanmar and how it got there. It's OK, I don't have much background on Myanmar so it at least gets to fill me in and catch me up and it's relatively short. It's not written as a serious and deep technical piece or even a theoretical analysis on Burma.

I will spoiler the rest for reasons of politics.

|| In brief the book is kind of written for the US DNC NGO types. People who might have voted for Clinton or something. It has pretensions of being radical but doesn't actually get very deep into it. The entire spirit of its analysis can be summarized as saying it recounts a story of someone in the Myanmar NGO space giving the president or some prominent late Burmese leaders box sets for the West Wing to teach them about how democracy works which had me dying laughing because I always assumed such stories could only exist as a joke about 'the Wonks' who pour over the minutea of inter-party politics in Washington to do their own Kremlinology but for Capital Hill ||
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