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After seeing a lot of Twitch streamers (and Doc Ock from “Spidey and his Amazing Friends”) sporting the haircut, I’m starting to want to have it. But I don’t plan to do anything fancy with my un-buzzed hair, since I usually just buzz my entire scalp every two months (been doing it since January 2016).
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@Background Pony #EE04
Yes, okay, that’s understandable. I let my hair grow long in 2021, just to provoke an ex-girlfriend. Today I was at the hairdresser and have a slightly more fashionable men’s haircut again. Simply because I thought: Oh, why the effort? Hair should just express how you feel right now. Maybe I’ll dye it pink sometime. Just for the fun of it. But I’d rather wait until nature dyes it a nice silver color. That won’t take much longer. But I once knew a very, VERY good female friend who had an undercut. Women look really sharp with it. Men…? Jein. ;-)
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