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Huh, Winx Club… Good Celestia! How long ago was this show?! … Bloom with Icy were the most waifuable girls in the show, I also shipped them with each other, so that put a dampener on considering either a waifu.
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Mischievous and has a bad girl attitude? Very much like Ryoko. :)
Speaking of which, I was very pleased to learn that Petrea Burchard reprised her role in the English dub of the latest Tenchi series. Many of the other old voice cast members joined her, but sadly, Jennifer Darling didn’t play Ayeka again.  
Darling did voice a much more villainous waifu back in 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie  
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The funny thing is, she said she fell in love with Roger because he makes her laugh…but as far as I’ve noticed, she never actually laughed or smiled much aside from the occasional smirk. Either he’s a super expert at humor, or she’s got her own way of expressing joy.
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Fujiko Mine. Known from Lupin III created by Monkey Punch, debuted in Weekly Manga Action on August 10, 1967. She is one of the oldest Waifus and anime heroine in the service, who is still on duty, including the Detective Conan Crossovers. ;-)
She is a professional criminal and burglar that regularly uses her attractiveness to fool her targets. Unlike the rest of the Lupin III cast, Fujiko’s physical appearance changes for most installments in the franchise.
Fujiko was a source of inspiration for the characters Yukiko Fujimine and Vermouth in Gosho Aoyama’s Detective Conan manga; Fujimine representing the good side of Fujiko and Vermouth the bad.[SECRET REPORT: Weekly Shōnen Sunday; 10. July 31, 2013]
Funny fact. A running gag in the Lupin III franchise is the constant attempt of Lupin to peeping when Fujiko baths. There are indeed massive merchandise, which revolves around this topic. ;-)
Why I adore Fujiko Mine so much is not just her sexiness, or that she knows how to play her charms to wrap men around her finger. Her character is also extremely funny, tough and if she is not kidnapped again for the plot, then she likes to take the loot away from the others. Moreover, her past has been quite mysterious for decades. Lupin the Third – Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna is one of the best anime miniseries I’ve ever seen. If you like the Sex’n’Crime genre, of course.
The death of Kazuhiko Kato (alias Monkey Punch) in April 2019 is certainly a serious blow to the Lupin III franchise. He was a driving force, who knew how to put strong female characters into the scene, but also how to make them entertaining, tough and attractive at the same time. The world needs a lot more waifus like Fujiko Mine. ;-)
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I could gush about Jessica Rabbit to the point that it’d give my coworkers cavities.
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E is for enthusiastic.  
S is for sweet.  
S is for saintly.  
I is for intelligent.  
C is for confident.  
A is for amazing.
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