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I like to do Goombario/Gombella’s Tattle move on enemies and bosses, so I can see their health.
There’s just something REALLY satisfying about watching a boss’s health go down to 0.
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It was made by a different company than Road Rage and The Simpsons Game, and EA has exclusive rights to all of Disney’s non-Marvel purchases and even then had exclusive Simpsons rights since ~2005-2006…
Complete Level 3/4, correct?
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First DLC over a year after launch. It’s been a very rocky start for Warhammer 3.
I like the regular dwarves, but it does get stale just shooting everything. I played a bit of Thorek’s campaign recently and found myself wanting more mobility and ways to fight. The Chaos Dwarves look like a cool and exciting faction.
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I made a little wheel to decide what game to play after TTYD, and it landed on Ocarina of Time.
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We all know “Metroid Prime: Federation Force” is one of the absolute worst Metroid games of all time, possibly tying with… I dunno, Other M and Pinball… but if you take away the “Metroid” part, is “Federation Force” any fun at least?
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On Chapter 5, and I’m at the part of the Grotto where you unlock the door after getting the key from solving a puzzle.
I wanna say that’s halfway through the chapter.
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