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Cool Spook
I wonder what the barrier for romancing someone you wouldn’t hook up with IRL is. Like if I decide to play a character who’s into dudes, but I’m not. What was the barrier I got over to decide to play a character who has different taste than me, romance-wise?
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Trouble with the Trolley
I love that Launch is still a status in Xenoblade 3. It’s especially fun when you Launch an enemy either during or right before starting a Chain Attack, because it means the enemy will be stuck backflipping in the air for the duration of the attack, or until you hit them with a Smash art, because unlike in the last two games, the timers for statuses are paused until the Chain Attack is over.
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TIL that Sakurai, director of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Super Smash Bros. series, also plays PS3; his recent tweet had this to say, translated:
“The PS3’s Bluetooth seems to be broken, and the dual shock is not recognized wirelessly.
Repair service is over.
However, I had two unopened PS3s just in case something like this happened!
I am grateful to my old self
※ There are a total of 5”
The question is what his PSN username is so I can compare my trophy count.
Background Pony #E933
As you know, Microsoft bought Minecraft back in 2014. Well, what if Nintendo bought Minecraft instead of Microsoft?
I think Minecraft would have been a better fit for Nintendo than Microsoft.
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Hmm, idk then really. I don’t pursue romantic interests in RPGs. In Witcher 3 for example i sent them all to hell or otherwise.
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I wonder if other developers/CEO/producers gave their opinions about the controversial decisions from each other’s companies.
I wonder what Sakurai things about Microsoft’s new Minecraft update, or Activision’s nasty P2W services.
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Can I post something that I know isn’t true but is based on an insensitivity that’s been going on in my mind?
Why do I feel like Fire Emblem fans are ashamed that their favorite franchise is from the same company that gave us Mr. WAHOOYIPPIEMARIOMAN?
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First it was The Squid Sisters,
Then it was Off the Hook,
And now we have Deep Cut

These groups keep getting more interesting with each release
Also 3 Team Splatfest, that is gonna be utter chaos but I’m excited for all the new ideas they’ll have for voting.
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