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I don't think, he has ever worked on anything that bad. Silent Hills got cancelled remember. And Castlevania Lord of Shadow. Again he is a better idea person than Lucas is.
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If I knew Kingdom Come: Deliverance didn't let you save your game, I would have thought twice about buying it. If a quest goes awry you either roll with it or load the closest autosave to start the whole quest over. Just from playing a couple hours I can tell this is going to be a major annoyance.
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Lol Kojima wasn’t the director of Lords of Shadows, he didn’t even have a big role, he was just a producer and his dev team helped make it but for the most part it was mostly a Mercury Steam game. The first game was also well received. It wasn’t until Mercury Steam went solo where things started to go wrong.

Conveniently people leave this part out
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8 years ago EA took one of the greatest original sci-fi horror franchises, tried to turn it into something it wasn't and then discarded it when it failed to become the new Call of Duty

Imagine how defeating it must have been to have EA make you put things into your game that you knew were terrible, feeling like you disappointed your fans because they hated it and then EA shutting you down for making an 'unprofitable' game they made you make that way.

Dead space 3 in a nutshell
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At the rate I'm going, it'll be ages before I do. I have 15 hearts, 2 and a half stamina wheels and all 4 divine beasts so I could just beat Ganon and say I finished the game I guess.
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And another one bites the dust. While it was enjoyable for what it was, I can definitely understand why Ys V is the franchise black sheep. Doesn’t help that at the time of release, it would’ve been buried under the landslide of JRPGs being released for the Super Famicom at the time. It was a bit on the short side, but considering I’m trying to get through entire franchise, I’m willing to forgive that.
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Nintendo surely has the rest of the year completely covered right now:

-Mario Golf Super Rush this month;
-Monter Hunter Stories 2 in July;
-No More Heroes 3 in August;
-Wario Ware Get It Together in September;
-Metroid Dread and Mario Party Super Star in October;
-Shin Megami Tensei in November (Also the Pokemon DP remakes but… sigh… nevermind…);
-Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp in December.

Also there are Pokemon Legends, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and Splatoon 3 which all should be released in the first months of next year.

With such a selection of games, Switch shouldn't have any problem for a while. Nice!
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Xbox owners, this is apparently the last weekend to play the demo for The Eternal Cylinder.

Just got done and it seems as fun as it did when i first saw it. Can't wait for the full release.
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Anyway… don't you think Sony should announce any new exclusive soon? I mean considering Nintendo's and Microsoft's plans and their vast amount of exclusives for the future (althought Microsoft's ones are mostly next year by the way), I expect Sony doing the same now but… as of now they only have 3 announced exclusives to come, and all with completely unknown dates (Sony aims to releas Horizon Forbidden West this year, but it's not set into stone yet). I think they should unveil something more for the future…
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