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LegendofTotalWar is speculating that the pre-order/previous owner bonus for Warhammer Total War 3 will be playing Chaos Dwarves in 2’s Mortal Empires campaign before 3 comes out.
The time has come for some chaos stunties and their gigantic hats!
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I have now completed the Resident Evil 3 Remake.
I don’t quite know how to feel about it. On one hand, I still had fun playing it, but it felt too short, it was lacking the tense moments of the previous remake, and it cut a LOT of content from the original.
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good game, but… I still prefer RE2 Remake by a wide margin.
Ah well, back to Persona 5 Royal and FF7 Remake.
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Everyone: We want DPP remakes!
Gamefreak: OK!
Releases them,
Everyone: YAY!
everyone reaches Cynthia and finds it weird she’s not sending out Garchomp, then after beating all of her other Pokemon her theme suddenly switches over to an epic orchestral version complete with ominous latin chanting that has lines like “God save us from the Queen of broken dreams” sends out her Garchomp Gigantamaxs him,
Everyone: We made a terrible mistake…
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Allot of people assume Dynamax will be added to the remakes to ensure they are compatible with Sword and Shield, so them deciding to give the famous Boss pokemon a Gigantamax isn’t out of the question,
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