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Is Mouse Acceleration really good for FPS gaming?
I never used it, in fact, I always had problems with it when I turn it on accidentally.
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When a child who still a baby or yet to be born soon become old enough to play video games will he or she be able get a Switch and it games. What about playing games from Nintendo and Sony other systems? Like games from the 1980s to the 2010s?
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Supposedly RE 8 is already in production and ready for a next year release. And it's subtitled "Village", and does a nice trick where the "vill" portion is highlighted so it looks like the roman numeral VIII. And it's supposed to be first person like 7 was.

Honestly? I've been real happy so far but I'm getting worried about turning RE into an annual series.
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My neices & nephews like old video games, and they even have an NES Classic Edition.

Now that that those whom had said old games are old enough to be parents, surprisingly, retro gaming is becoming popular with kids.

Admittedly, I actually like video games that came out before I was born too, like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Atari, and such.
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I appreciate all of the free updates that Hello Games has done to No Man's Sky since it came out.

But none of them can cover up the fact that we're still exploring what is essentially the same half a dozen planet types, dozen or so creatures and 20 or so plants. It's nice that we can ride creatures, it's nice that we can explore together, it's nice that we have living ships and now that we have exosuits to explore in. But the planets are still boring as shit and why I haven't loaded up my 530-hour save in over two months.

Real talk.
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Takes hit on blunt

What if someone made a lo-fi song using the Wii Theme?
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Is Kiryu from Yakuza a genius at fighting? He's able to copy fighting styles after seeing someone do them once.
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