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Again: it’s thanks to Nier: Automata that they avoided bankrupt. That game sold well and saved Platinum…. now we have to wonder for how much longer thought…

I just watched a promo for Alien Isolation on the Switch, and that got me thinking about how Nintendo has really been pushing for a new “Darker and Edgier” look this generation, as while despite never shying away from M-rated titles, it feels like the Switch has been outright embracing them loudly, yet at the same time keeping their family-friendly profile too. Then again, even some of their regular family-friendly titles this generation are having a darker tone - just look at Mario Odyssey compared to past titles.
It’s interesting to watch. And a pretty smart way of getting multiple demographics for them.

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The idea of a bioterrorist attack is scary.
We see people using guns and shit to kill innocent people like in No Russian, but a gas that kills you slowly and painfully. That’s terrifying.
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While it’s nice for Nintendo to embrace an older audience, and such, I hope they don’t try too hard going that route, and therefore lose their own identity, and quirky uniqueness.
In fact. I’m not too keen on how the main Switch console menu is practically like the PS4 one…  
Honestly, the Switch menu is rather dull…  
I honestly liked the 3DS & WiiU menu set-ups better, with multiple rows, and folders, more icons, and such rather then just one long line of “Most recently played” to go through. (It’s also kinda a odd that when you take a cartridge out, the game’s icon still stays on the menu wasting space.)
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@Beau Skunky
Same here. The reason I lost most of my interest in videogame is that nowadays games look too similar to each other. Same all graphics, artstyle, edgy lores, zombies, shooters and all that stuff. For a long time I relied on Nintendo for getting games I could enjoy, but I eventually stopped because they started to feel to expensive to me so I stopped buying consoles for good, and I moved to Steam, and bought plenty of not Nintendo games (mostly indies or retro games) at low cost. As I said, I don’t care much of modern games….and I don’t know why I even still go on videogame sites since I don’t care.
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@Beau Skunky  
They’re just taking an “appeals to all ages” approach now rather than “appeals to family friendliness”. Not a bad thing, but they know they have to to sell consoles these days.
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