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Always baffles me how hostile human survivors in horror games will choose to target the player character even when there’s zombies and other savage creatures charging at them.
Hey pal, I get that you hate me but dedicating that axe swing or magnum bullet for average Joe instead of the horror right behind you ain’t the best call.
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You know that golden Bob-Omb just outside the Glitz Pit?
I read his lines in a Thurston Howell-style accent.
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I used to think it was mostly fictional that we would be that inconceivably stupid during a major medical crisis like a zombie apocalypse.
The past 3 years has taught me that if it were to happen, a good 30% of our population would walk out and get bit because they didn’t believe it.
So, survivors deciding to settle personal grudges over actually surviving the grotesque horrors is actually perfectly believable.
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