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Video Game General 2: Definitive/Remastered Edition


@Luca H.
I’ve heard theories that the Fighters in the Smash Series are merely weaker clones of the real characters.
They look like the real deal but are bargin bin tier in terms of the true characters strength.
Not really an answer but something to ponder.
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So you know how Splatoon 2 introduced Octolings as playable characters, but before that we were introduced to Marina who was just a glimpse of what was yet to come?
Well with the release of Splatoon 3 and our introduction to Deep Cut which features an Inkling, Octoling, and a Manta Ray; wouldn’t it be funny if in a future expansion pack they all of a sudden introduce Mantalings or Raylings as players?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Ah yes because his boss battle is reminiscent of the Phantamanta boss from Sirena Beach (which in all seriousness I actually thought that was a cool nod back to Mario Sunshine)
@Luca H.
So wouldn’t that make it a prequel instead then?
Splatoon Zero or Beginnings.
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Cool Spook
I wish there was a list of letters, secret rooms and relic locations in Necrovision. Also, wasn’t expecting the giant face in the sky.
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