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Video Game General 2: Definitive/Remastered Edition

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Can’t believe it’s the eight-year anniversary of the release of Arse Effect 3. I should really redownload the first one on my gaming laptop, as it’ll be a good time sink for the lockdown.
It also reminds me of the growth of internet gaming intellectual-dom, with Shamus Young, MrBtongue, Instig8tive Journalism (RIP), Allosaurus Rex (RIP), Smudboy, Archengeia, and all the other high-IQ individuals whom saw through Bioware and their media sycophants’ BS.
Welp, better add Shamus Young and MrBtongue to the RIP list, since they’re now no longer among us. The former hit especially hard given what a massive influence he was on how I think about world-building and narrative structures especially.
I’ve been thinking about his Mass Effect retrospective while playing through the first (and only good) game as part of the Legendary Edition. As for the LE itself, once the community patch and widescreen fix is applied, it’s pretty good. I like that I don’t have to play through the game 80 bazillion times to get all the achievements (especially the complete the majority of the game with ‘x’ character ones).
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