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I just saw the scene in Live A Live that the “LOCALIZERS” beleived needed to “fix” and all they did was make the female character come off as a complete bitch where the old man was nice to her, in stead of meeting her with sarcastic snark… Good job. Good job.
There are… SO MANY JOKES I can make now, and no one can say a word because of how they LOCALIZED it.
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I wish someone would draw me a picture of Palutena giving Pit a big hug after the absolute hell he went through to save the universe from Hades, let him know everything’s all right and he can finally relax without having to look over his shoulder every five seconds.
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If Mario had voice acting, what would your voice cast look like? Maybe E. Gadd would be voiced by Jeff Bennett doing his “nerd” voice.
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So we know that canonically the hero of Kvatch was the leader of the Dark brotherhood and the thieves guild which means he was a pretty terrible person and explains why he was in prison to begin with.
However, he also reformed the knights of the nine after the end of the oblivion crisis. The divines themselves considered him worthy to wear them. I can only assume that he considered Martin septim a true friend and his self sacrifice motivated him to seek redemption.
However, Given his eventual fate as the new God of Madness he must have realised that someone like himself containing so many contradictions and capable of so much evil AND good must be Insane and taking on the mantle of sheogorath is the closest he will ever get to emulating Martin Septim.
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The only information post morrowind we’ve been given about the Nereverine is that he completed the main quest and set sail for Akavir. There’s a really good Skyrim mod called Moon and star that Involves the Nereverine in a cool way.
I have a feeling that most of the Dragonborns accomplishments will be attributed to Ulfric stormcloak. The story really plays up stormcloak sympathies in the beginning so first time players are more likely to side with them. It doesn’t make sense for a guy to immediately side with the people who tried to behead him. And at the end of the civil war quest you can even ask ulfric to leave you out of the history books.
So here’s my prediction for the next game. Stormcloaks won the civil war. Ulfric took or was given credit for defeating Alduin. Skyrim is crushed by the Thalmor without the empires assistance, closing off the story and continuing the trend of your settings being fucked over post game.
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I played Dunmer in morrowind, Imperial on oblivion and Nord in Skyrim. Looks like I’m going Redguard next. Maybe occasionally imperial if I feel like going all Lawrence of Arabia.
Gonna be a dual scimitar wielding Smooth talking Lando calrissian type.
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