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I finally did it. I was able to play Parasite Eve.
And after waiting literally 2/3 of my life to do it you’re darn right I beat it in a day.
Oh sure, I thought I’d play it here and there, but I beat the first disc in one sitting. I tried to wait till the next day for disc 2 but couldn’t sleep. So I knocked out the last bit in the wee hours the morning.
No regrets.
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The Xbox used DVDs, and it barely outsold the GameCube. So, my hypothesis that the GameCube would have sold much better if it used DVDs is wrong.
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I just own too many games… I already divide them by genre. And still I hardly find the time to think about it. Hearts of Iron IV vs Cyberpunk 2077. Uch… Can’t someone set up more hours in a day? ^^
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