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It came about because children would keep the 3D on and get migraines from playing for super long time. So Nintendo made it as a cheaper and alternative for them and people not caring about the 3D which is pretty neat I will say.
Fair warning; I can’t remember if they stopped carrying charge cables with that one, so make sure to look. Apparently in Japan, they don’t come with one, which seems really stupid, but since there are a lot more dedicated Nintendo Stores in Japan.
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Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, and all I can ask: “Is that really necessary?”
I mean the original RE4 even today STILL looks amazing and plays like a dream, not to mention the extra added content given to it’s release so there is practically no reason for remaking that game. Unless the idea is to make the game function more like REVII/Village or the remakes of 2 and 3, but even then it still doesn’t seem necessary since it will just look the same and play the same.
Capcom could be doing something more worthwhile with their time like say making a remake of oh I don’t know…DINO CRISIS!!
But hey, who am I to judge what should be remade.
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I’m honestly more impressed by the new third-person mode for the main game.
I dunno if the game was developed with the idea of being able to swap between the modes to begin with, but even then, it’s still something you don’t see often in games like this.
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If it relies on the player character just selecting text and the NPCs acting like they solved world hunger, it’s not that good. You need to play DA2, where a voice gives Hawke much more of a personality that every silent protagonist.
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