Video Game General 2: Definitive/Remastered Edition

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Well the Playstation store website doesn’t list them.
I mean, I got the RE 3 disk and RE 2’s Claire disk in my closet. All I’m missing in a PS1 or 2 to play them, which I can get for like $40 at my local arcade.
Which I’m totally gonna do sooner or later because when I moved homes I found the people who previously lived there left Parasite Eve 1 behind, and I’ve been waiting literally 2/3 my life to play that.
But for the most part I want RE 2 digitally just so I can play this mod.

An AK47 for Heavy:
He’s already the designated “GUN DOWN EVERYTHING YOU SEE” class so an Assault Rifle fits him best.
Replaces his Minigun, doesn’t have to wind up and no movement decrease penalty but only has half the ammo.
4Town Fan

Leave me alone already!
I learned that in 1987 Nintendo released a peripheral called the “NES Advantage”, which was basically a tabletop controller for NES designed to play like an arcade cabinet for home.

Honestly surprised that no one in Alien Isolation tried to make a makeshift Silencer either:
This along with a Shotgun Silencer should’ve been late game upgrades when you’re dealing with more than one Xeno.
Isolation is such a “FUCK YOU” kind of game to the player…
And no, that’s never good design outside of intentionally trollish indie games.
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