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Imagine Valve updates TF2 and replaces all of the classes primaries with an Assault Rifle:
It would be the ultimate fucking troll yet at the same time one hell of a way to officially make a comeback.
Of course, they’d restore all the regular primary weapons the day after but it would be hilarious.
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Valve is the Prime example of the decline of the acclaimed 00s western AA companies who all sold out
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Oh lovely.
Not long after Valve posted their tweet on TF2’s Twitter account, there’s numerous members of the community claiming that Valve won’t actually fix the game, or they’re misinterpreting the tweet as ‘corporate slang’ for, “Get off of us”, “We’re not gonna do anything”, “leave us alone”, or some other hope-crushing bullshit.
It’s almost as if these naysayers want their favorite game to die a broken, unplayable mess. If that’s the case then people who think that way are now my enemy.
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Most of them likely just want Valve to actually do something rather than just saying they will. They have done nothing for years, so there is little reason to expect them to do something meaningful now.

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The odds of Valve actually following through on this are next to zero. For the past decade or so, there’s been nothing for TF2 but lip service and halfassed “fixes” that do jack shit.
Tweets are worthless. Empty words. Until Thor’s hammer falls on the botters, nobody with a working brain is gonna believe Valve is serious about this.
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