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I speedrun Celeste so that’s a game I’ve beaten more times than I can count.
Other than that, I played a bunch of old Mario games as a kid multiple times. And gen 1 of Pokemon.
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Scott Cawthon announced that he is retiring from the FNAF series (and game development as a whole) today due to the controversies regarding his political donations.
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Gold with tysolosion, Ho oh, and the shiny gyrados, 3rd gen I ran with a Blaziken gardevoir, ludicolo, breloom, manetric, flygon. Gen 4 was Infernape, luxray, roserade, floatzel, lucario and lopunny, and gen8 cinderace, corvviknight, mudsdale, tsareena, toxtricity, and Meowstic(went with a showman theme for that one.)
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Has anyone considered that Reforged might not be getting custom campaigns in order to push people to multiplayer, because Activision wants to get their hands on another DOTA?
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