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Goddamn that Direct made me hard.  
BotW 2  
Metroid Dread  
Advanced Wars remakes  
Fatal Frame coming to Switch  
Danganronpa finally coming to Switch  
Cruisin’ coming back  
Kazuya in Smash(RIP Lloyd, Klonoa and KOS-MOS)
Ring Team
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My favourite announcements so far:
-Kayuga from the Tekken series  
-Metroid Dread (THANK YOU, NINTENDO!)  
-Cruis’n Blast (I love arcade racing games and, fun fact, I saw this on a video of someone playing it on a big arcade machine and I thought that this should be a game for the Switch)  
-A WarioWare game  
-The Sequel of Zelda BotW, like many people. It still doesn’t have a subtitle, but that will make its release more intriguing.
I do wonder when F-Zero is gonna come back. If Advance Wars came back, I think this one should do the same return.
EDIT: Oh, and Shin Megami Tensei V. That one looks cool.
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