Video Game General 2: Definitive/Remastered Edition

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It took me 3 days to beat Ornstein and Smough.
Is that good, or about average?
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Sometimes, Smough will jump backwards repeatedly, giving you an easy shot at hitting him and dealing a lot of damage.
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I think I might be bad at Dark Souls. It usually takes me a day to a day and a half to beat a boss.
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>Play Bloodborne for the first time  
>Not be able to beat Amelia  
>After beating DS1 and playing DS2 and DS3, start a new game on Bloodborne  
>Beat Amelia on first try this time
Was I properly leveled up for Amelia, or was she easier because I had more experience with Soulsborne?
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@ichiban iceychan 1517
Besides the obvious in the nations they were developed in, there’s the themes and story beats as well as gameplay elements more associated to them.
Like, it’s tough to explain offhand, but a rule of thumb is that wrpg stories are more about dragons and myth and stuff steeped in metaphors and the leads being ubermensches, while a jrpg typically deals with gods and religion with a band of comrades.
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This is just a personal view, but I’ve always felt that the difference between WRPGS and JRPGS is their areas of focus. Now it isn’t always a hard rule, but I’ve always felt that WRPGS put more emphasis on the world itself, and how the player’s actions impact that world. JRPGS, on the other hand, put more focus on the characters, and the bonds between them. And that’s best reflected in how the lead character is presented- a lot of JRPGS typically give you a predefined character, while WRPGS typically let the player create their own.
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