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Fair. The point is, unlike Nietzsche who prefers an illusion of meaning or even the creation of meaning, Camus decides NOT to.
The Nihilist sees a painting of a pipe and knows that it was painted on blank canvas, but decides that it’s a pipe, why not, it could be.
The Absurdist sees a painting of a pipe and also knows it was painted on a blank canvas, but decides it’s still not a pipe. Never will be. No point in pretending otherwise.
But both can enjoy the painting regardless.
The absurdist doesn’t find nihilist illusion to be intelectually honest.
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Enter if you dare
Is anyone else getting the feeling that the castlevania show on Netflix might become more well known that the game series in the future.  
due to a lack of new games
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I’m confused. Is the current Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. as an adult, or not?
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I aim to misbehave
I successfully Palpatine’d a galaxy.
In addition to becoming a genocidal monster, the newest Stellaris DLC let’s you become a “galatic custodian” in the event of a galaxy wide crisis.
But once you’re in that position of power, if you play your cards right, you can manipulate galactic politics and change the Senate into an Imperium with your empire at its core.
You can start out with small things like establishing a galactic navy and police force for “safety”, and work your way up to forcing a common language and impressing civilians into the military. Finally, you can just outright become emperor.
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The Mass Effect series taught aspiring writers everywhere why we should avoid destroying the mysteries that make our fictional universes vast, wondrous and unfathomable.
I’m glad it’s been brought back for the next generation to learn this crucial lesson.
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So, Windows 10 already have its own Antivirus integrated, and my whole dumbass decided to install Avast at the same time. Due this, both antivirus were clashing, and made my PC slower than usual.
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