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She’s the typical a-word science chick that cares not for how uncomfortable or dangerous her activities are.
At least Hamlein has the excuse that she was raised wolves/aliens/manga.
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I mean, it’s really obvious the switch from Trophies to Spirits was a cost cutting/time-saving measure and nothing more. Instead of designing new trophies from the ground up for every character and franchise featured, Nintendo found it much much easier to just slap a PNG and call it a day. Bear in mind, I don’t think this approach is lazy because ultimate they probably felt the trophies were becoming more taxing than they thought they were worth. Though I really wish they still gave them descriptions because that was a lot of the fun to read up on trophies
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This. With how many there are going for a full 3D model where there isn’t already one would be too much effort. If I made a Smash RPG I’d bring back trophies, but only for playable characters, assist trophies, enemies (trophy stands et al) and NPCs who physically appear, and there’d be a way to somehow convert them into spirits (said spirits would be unobtainable through other means.)
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I think it’s more a case that those resources that went into translating all the descriptions were moved over to the significantly more extensive Tips and Help sections that now exists. There’s loads of organized tips for items, techniques, game mechanics, and a whole section that let’s you pick a character or stage and gives info on some mechanics of them you might not have known about. There’s a technique section that goes over game mechanics that have been present since 64/Melee like SDI/DI respectively and they finally decided to explicitly acknowledge them in-game, explain how they work and have a little video showing what it does.  
Unfortunately, from looking around it seems most people don’t bother with them. I remember when Hero released, there were poor saps that spent up to an hour doing Smash attacks over and over to get some idea what the chance of getting a crit was. They could have saved themselves the trouble by just looking at the Tips section for them where it clearly states it was 1 in 8. I imagine we’ll go through this again where Pyra/Mythra will have some special property on an attack, people will notice it after spending a ton of time in Training, and think they’re discovered some crazy hidden tech that’s not hidden at all and is explicitly explained by the game if they bothered to look first.
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