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> [@phoenixacezero](/forums/generals/topics/video-game-general-thead?post_id=5293261#post_5293261)
> Like when blizzard made an overwatch character gay when they did some shady shit.

[@Thanotos Omega](/forums/generals/topics/video-game-general-thead?post_id=5293279#post_5293279)
> [@Angrybrony](/forums/generals/topics/video-game-general-thead?post_id=5293272#post_5293272)
> Tracer and Soldier were revealed as part of long planned stuff, a better example is the chameleon girl from lol as they actually did apparently both change her to a lesbian and rush her reveal to get ahead of the lawsuit news, the Tracer reveal in particular was at a time when blizz and overwatch were doing fine,

> [@Thanotos Omega](/forums/generals/topics/video-game-general-thead?post_id=5293279#post_5293279)
> Angry said "a character," so he likely was referring to 76. Since it's Blizzard though, they might have been doing it the entire time in case their workplace environment was ever leaked to the public.

those are good examples. Another thing to consider is how much character or a certain trait is hyped up?.
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