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Finally started on the last of the three classic Doom games, Doom 64. As I go through, I’ve noticed it has a fair share of quirks that aren’t in the other games.
First, movement feels really weird. You aren’t as fast in this game as you are in the first two, but you still pick up a lot of momentum, so there’s nearly always a delay from when you take your finger off the thumbstick, and when you actually stop moving. Second, the map is almost totally useless. It’s zoomed in way too close, so all you can really see is your immediate vicinity, and as far as I can tell there doesn’t seem to be a way to pull it back. Also it has two modes: the normal line mode, and a texture mode, and certain map features, such as doors, don’t show up on the texture mode. Third, the music is extremely quiet in this game. Even at max volume, it’s easily drowned out by the ambient game sounds. It was to a point that for the first couple of levels, I genuinely thought the game just didn’t have any.
There is one area I will give a credit though: if you die, and then open the menu, the option to save your game is disabled, so I will at least give it that.
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