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Why would that be so taboo I wonder?
Consider: shooting a supermutant twice your size with a sidearm and seeing his head explode is intentionally added into the game. Is it not fulfilling someone's fantasy? It's not there on accident.

So the devs DO acknowledge the player's thirst for blood. So...why not acknowledge the player (who, may actually be a teenager) horniness? Acknowledge that most gamers ARE young people barely legal and who _*still_* interact with minors on a very regular basis, considering their shared interest.

Wouldn't you rather they vent it out in a video game, similar to how they vent out their bloodlust?

Also I didn't forget the child killing thing was removed as early as FO3. But remember we're talking a MOD, it do _*whatever_* it wants. Push boundaries, cross lines that the actual devs wouldn't. Heck, someone modded Child Killing back into FO3 because they felt it was taking away their agency.

Also, the character in the mod that got the dev under fire, That underage r34 artist NPC in Frontiers is a _*joke character_.* At least, she seems like a walking satire. She's about as satirical as that loud sergeant in Camp Navarro in FO2.

You know. "[This guy.":](

So I don't know if this is a case of _*people just trying to fuck each other up._* I betchu half of these guys who put the devs on public trial for pedophilia are unironically watching hentai of MyHero or some generic anime where, surprise2 the characters are underage. If that's the case then the whole thing is a trainwreck of delicious hypocrisy and irony.
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