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Yeah, I saw it played. It was absolute trash. There was a lizard sex scene out of nowhere among other things, all these "bad things" were okayed at the beginning. They definitely needed someone to point the finger at, but I'd bet you, there are probably worse skeletons in the others closets. Him Deleting his artwork isn't going to do anything, they'll still bring it up they need a target and he was just unluckily. Honestly; he should be telling people He was just the texture guy, plus his name would not be attached to any for the story writing, which is probably why they locked down they Discord to stop anyone looking into them and pretty much fuck him over.

This reminds me of some TF2 drama I saw. Some power mad admin banned someone from the group out of petty jealousy and used "Accusations" as an excuse, then banned anyone calling it into question. The end result was a bug-filled cringe-fest. Much like Frontier ended up.
Fun fact I also found, the one that made the post about Zu, said some gamers should have "bad things" happened to them that a certain group did to another in the 1940's. Not sure if I can post it, but ironic that these are the people that axed joining the enclave in the mod because they're a "fantasy"
Makes me wonder who wrote the scenes that people where eyeballing, which was ignored until recently. Boy, this thing is a popcorn worthy trash fire.
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