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Yeah but some of these are first-hand.

Like, one character's story here is him being mind controlled by a typhon telepath and it's using his son's voice to trick him into smuggling a mimic off the base. And when you do the telepath [spoil||er]executes you anyway.[/|| So basically you see for yourself how the telepaths think about all those mind contr]

olled humans you run into.
Another example is in how there's multiple methods to escape the base. Well one of them is restricted to a single character, and using it (which she canonically does) ends up killing her. But the story for a third character has you sabotaging that method; in other words you use one of your characters to kill another one of your characters.

And a 4th example is more straightforward: you unlock another character by simply finding his corpse. So basically it doesn't matter what you do when you play as him nor it doesn't matter if how escape with him. He's canonically doomed to die.

This DLC is dreary.
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