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Transformers Thread

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@Darth Prime
Oh nice. I'm surprised to hear that they got show-accurate toys for them.

Here's hoping Elita-One and her crew get their own little package like this. I'd love that.
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@Darth Prime
Awesome! I haven't collected Generations-style figures in a while, but I might have to pick these ones up! What size are these?

Well, Moonracer, Firestar, Greenlight, Chromia, and Lancer have all recently received some more 'toon-accurate Siege mold releases, so maybe Elita will get one sometime in the near future.
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My opinion on the live action films

1.Transformers: 8/10
2.Revenge Of The Fallen: 4.2/10
3.Dark Of The Moon: 7/10
4.Age Of Extinction: 5.4/10
5.The Last Knight: 2.9/10
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