Tokusatsu Thread (Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and the likes)

Dex Stewart
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A-Squad figures! No head sculpts though, that's disappointing. Maybe Greg Aranowitz will custom sculpt the others for fifty bucks.

Holy crap,Scorpina! I've wanted one since I was 2.
Will the yellow ranger possibly come with Aisha's head? Or a different Trini head,or the same as the previous figure?

And here we have what I was SOOO hoping Hasbro would do,a fully unmorphed,episode-specific character,and I can't think of a better choice Than Andros! Will his hood go up and down? Will he come with binoculars?
Aisha's head!
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got almost all the way through Rysloger.. and the vids stopped working.

thankfully I found an alt player that runs fine.

seems Goolde Drive vids are … borked or something.
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