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@Mellow Rhythm
I have not touched this game since 2017 because the phone where I had this game along with my brother’s laptop and my dad’s exotic horn was robbed from my house when were all away. Now that I have acquired a phone capable of handing massive memory, I am quite excited to make a new start playing this game.
I used to have at least 8 variants of Eddie with my 2017 phone.
Background Pony #F37B
Part of me is really, really, REALLY hoping that I’ll get to go to Disney World next year (mom’s trying to get a GoFundMe together with a friend who lives in Florida, who happens to be my family’s hairstylist)…
…while the other part of me is stomping those hopes down in case next year comes along and plans fail.
Background Pony #F37B
DoorDash just apologized to me for not getting my order delivered on time. Except I never ordered anything from them since last month, and they offered a $0 discount which made it all hilariously moot.
Background Pony #F37B
My mom had a negative experience at our local restaurant because of a snotty waitress, enough to make mom cry, and she responded by…giving a $25 tip to said waitress.
Apparently that’s supposed to make the waitress feel guilty…how does that work? Because in my viewpoint, it feels like she just REWARDED the waitress for her crabby attitude, therefore encouraging her to continue doing so to future customers.
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