Time-Wasting Thread 3.0 (SFW - No Explicit/Grimdark)

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Also, i’m a little bit surpised their baby is able to not cry from all that screaming noises his father makes on that video. Also surprised he’s able to have a wife and child despite his occasional aggressive behavior.
I actually believe Stephen’s behavior is real, (like ASD) he’s easily irritated when he deals with something useless or what annoys him and is usually limited and repetitive on words he spoke.
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reformation is the best
please anyone i need your help i’m using the phantom of the opera (the book one) in my AU but I need to know if I can choose erik did NOT lie about not killing Philippe de Chagny i thought Philippe de Chagny heard the electric bell erik had and was startled and fell into the water but i read about the trick of the siren in the book (or something about Erik talking about the trick of the siren) but idk if there was a bell so can I choose what I want on how Philippe de Chagny died before erik got to where he is because he turned good at the end so i say erik did NOT lie and since is left ambiguous can i say whatever i want?
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