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Time-Wasting Thread 3.0 (SFW - No Explicit/Grimdark)

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Bad taste in everything
@Background Pony #DFC9
The analogy was probably out of line so I apologize if you were offended. But it's still probably my most hated subreddit.

The worst subreddits are the ones dedicated to something its users don't do. It always creates a toxic environment where elitists look down on the people who do the thing they don't do. r/childfree is the best example of this. It's fine to not have or want kids but the sheer vitriol many of its users seem to have towards people who do — or even for children in general — is beyond excessive.
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[screams in German]
Anger breeds anger. Well, more like anger amplifies when in a closed feedback loop. In this case, these r/childfree people were probably pressured in some way to have kids and when discussing with others that share that similar plight, they amplify each other's negative feelings by, in an ironic sense, being positive to one another.

Tldr; A group of okay people encourages each other to be bad ala circlejerk.
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Do you think any kids who grew up during COVID will develop a face mask fetish?
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Is it normal for Twitter to not load or for the sidebar for YouTube to not load sometimes?
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I keep worrying about my computer.

Is it normal to be a bit paranoid about a new, expensive product you bought?
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@Background Pony #1332
lol not a fetish.
But I can asure you, I have seen babies and little kids crying after when adults removes their masks
I can imagine we will gonna have a large group of people who will be psychologically attached to the mask.
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