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Time-Wasting Thread 3.0 (SFW - No Explicit/Grimdark)

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I used to go by the name of 2012planetx on Kongregate on 2010 mainly reason because of that ominous doomsday date. I’m still called that on some other free online gaming sites.
I was initially gonna go by that name as well when I want to register on this site for the first time but those days, I find the name irrelevant and cringy.
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Sunny Day Realtor
I mean the old days were a train wreck and we fought a lot and were split on many topics
And people would defend this one guy who kept telling people to kill themselves and shit whenever he had a minor disagreement with them
That’s why I left actually lol, the amount of protection that dude received in acting like that to people, they thought it was because I got banned again but I had been banned like 7 times, why would I care about that, I heard of him flipping out on someone while I was banned, saw him get protected when that person retaliated, and I just said “fuck this” and moved to MAL full time
But overall I still have mostly good memories of this thread and the people who used to be here, just got to thinking about it because I’m playing Persona and I remembered Squiggy really liked this series so thought I’d poke my head in to see how much shit has changed
It has changed a lot
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Sunny Day Realtor
Part of me regrets not staying all of a sudden, as much as I disliked how much that type of shit was granted implicit support/approval on account of who it was coming from and their mental condition. It really doesn’t look like shit stayed together in the long-term. It’s been 4 years and we’ve only moved 3,000 pages since I bailed. That’s like, nothing.
Like, I thought I left much earlier than most people did, but I left about halfway through this thread’s total page count. I don’t think it looks like too many stuck around for too long afterwards - which I doubt is related to me per se, but maybe I could’ve done something.
Christ, man. This feels like going back home to the town you grew up in and seeing it as a ghost town. Like, I’ve gone on to do a lot of different shit online since back then and I poke back to where I have what’s probably my realest roots, albeit not my actual roots, and it’s got tumbleweed blowing across the goddamn street.
Maybe the collapse of the brony fandom also had something to do with it? Not like it’s nearly as big as it was back when I first started into it in 2013. But the TWT folks never felt too into MLP to the point where they’d pack up and leave, I think a lot of them barely talked about it anymore already around that time that I had just started popping up here.
Ah well, this shit happens. Now I can’t stop thinking about it though. It’s fuckin’ mad, man.
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