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Time-Wasting Thread 3.0 (SFW - No Explicit/Grimdark)

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2021 begins on a Friday, that and next month is the ten year anniversary of the song Friday from Rebecca Black. That and Friday is a day for Yakuza and Jojo fans.
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The Mandela Effect: Because people would rather make up a theory about alternate universes than admit they misremembered a fucking children’s book family’s name.
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Remember the trailer for that one horror movie about two girls trapped in a public swimming pool overnight with the protective tarp preventing them from getting out? Who the hell thought that greenlighting this was a good idea?
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we’re still on the same thread too after 4 years
goddamn, i was still in college back when we had that whole drama between Toski/uc9 over who got to be the OP
we’re still on the same edition as when i left 4 years ago, you can literally still find the argument that got me banned on here
TWT is dead, I guess, it doesn’t look like a new generation really filled the void of the people who left with this little activity, sad as that is
keep it going the few of you who stick here still! maybe new people will come eventually
see ya in 4 more years i guess
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